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Low FODMAP ‘Korma’ Recipes

If you follow my Instagram or Twitter account, you’ll have seen that I’ve been enjoying a fair few curries recently. I really miss going out for dinner at the incredible range of Indian Restaurants in…

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Homemade Pesto

Since starting the low FODMAP diet I have always relied on being able to recreate my favourite dishes without onion, garlic and gluten, however as I already have a nut allergy it took me a while…

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Eating Out: Pizza Express

I think one of the most frustrating aspects of the low FODMAP diet is eating out. Before my IBS became a real issue, I’d happily eat out at least once or twice a week (even just…

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Easter Surprise Cake

As an avid baker, I couldn’t wait to trial a range of gluten free recipes this year to share with the family. Opportunities to make large celebration cakes are few and far between and I…

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Dark Chocolate Flapjack

Before starting the low FODMAP diet, I was always a keen baker. Inspired by my mum and grandma, who always bake delicious treats, I’m keen to try new recipes and share my love of baking! After an unexpected early…

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