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The gluten free range by Schar has been one of my go-to brands ever since starting the low FODMAP diet due the sheer number of products available. From delicious biscuits, waffles, panini rolls, hamburger buns, baguettes and pizza bases to one of the best loaves of white bread I’ve had. Recently, Schar have become even more popular with me as they have launched a low FODMAP range, certified by Monash (the university in America which provided the first evidence that the low FODMAP diet improves the symptoms of IBS). I don’t know about you, but it gives me such an incredible feeling seeing the low FODMAP stickers in supermarkets. It’s such a restrictive, isolating diet to go on, it’s great to see it labelled on products, with more public awareness. Just the other day I was talking about my diet, and they had recognised the stickers in Sainbury’s – makes it sounds like it’s a genuine diet not some fad that people might assume!

I recently received a parcel containing a selection of Schar’s new low FODMAP certified products, with an information pack about the low FODMAP diet. I’ve since seen that you can order one of these information packs online here. I’d recommend that you get one, as I now have a list of the FODMAPs on my notice board in the kitchen so I can quickly check any foods I haven’t tried in a while, and look for recipe inspo! Below I’ve reviewed all of the products I received, as well as many of my other favourites I’ve picked up in supermarkets. I’ve started with the new low FODMAP range, then reviewed some of the other gluten free products available, as there are just so many tasty alternatives!


For anyone following the low FODMAP diet who misses a crispy part-baked baguette or of course, garlic bread, then this is the perfect alternative. Drizzle with garlic oil and bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes and you have a brilliant pasta accompaniment. Here I’ve had it with Pasta Alla Norma… Delicious!

Brown Ciabatta Rolls
These ciabatta rolls are so crisp, especially when heated. I haven’t had the brown ones recently, but I have reviewed the similar seeded versions below. I will update this in the future when I have them again!

Who knew that we would be able to have breadsticks on the gluten free diet!? I absolutely love these grissini. They come in smaller packs inside, so you don’t have to eat them all at once (although it is possible!) I served mine with a recent barbecue in the garden, which I’ve featured on my Low FODMAP Barbecue post. They are great with any low FODMAP dips, for example a homemade tzatziki consisting of lactose-free yoghurt, a drizzle of garlic oil and finely chopped cucumber. Fresh and delicious.

Panini Rolls
I’ve only tried these very recently, however I was so impressed! Imagine a warm part-baked panini, with melted brie and crispy bacon… mmmm! Well no need to imagine it, you can get these in Sainsbury’s and recreate my panini below. You MUST try this… Next time I’m going to use some of my Homemade Pesto, mozzarella and tomato as I think this will be a winning veggie panini!

Pizza Bases
Another product I’ve tried are the low FODMAP pizza bases which I’ve only ever found in Morrisons – they should definitely be sold in more supermarkets as they are brilliant and I much prefer choosing my own toppings.

They make incredibly crisp, tasty pizzas, and to make it even better I’ve found low FODMAP pepperoni in Sainsbury’s to go with it! I never realised I’d be having such incredible gluten free pizzas when I first started the low FODMAP diet, and it’s proof that it is possible to manage symptoms of IBS while enjoying a varied, flavourful diet. Pizza goals right here…

Seeded Ciabatta Rolls
The seeded ciabattas are incredibly crunchy, with a nutty taste from the seeds (I really miss nuts after becoming allergic to tree nuts in 2012). Here I’ve served the ciabatta rolls with a nice portion of tuna mayonnaise, topped with lactose-free cheese. I placed them under the grill for a few minutes and voila…

These are a little small so you may want two if having them as a roll for lunch, but work great as above as an open toastie!

White Ciabatta Rolls
These are perfect to turn into mini garlic breads to accompany pasta dishes or soup. I served mine the other day with a Tideford low FODMAP soup, and they were the ideal accompaniment.

Alternatively, they’d make great mini toasties.

Wholesome Seeded Loaf
I must admit, I’ve not yet tried this loaf… so this review will follow. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear what you thought of it!

Wholesome Vitality Loaf
This particular loaf was really nice, but had a distinctly nutty flavour which triggered my allergy. Upon further investigation it contains chestnut flour, which while it isn’t listed as an allergen (in line with UK guidelines) it might be worth avoiding if you have a nut allergy, particularly to tree nuts.

Wholesome White Loaf
This is one of my favourite gluten free and low FODMAP loaves. It’s small, but the perfect size to accompany breakfast. It’s also got a lovely taste, almost brioche like, which makes you forget it’s even gluten free. I’d definitely recommend this loaf! It also has the best texture, very light yet fluffy.

Since starting my blog, I’ve also tried other Schar products (not certified low FODMAP, but gluten free and seemingly free from any IBS triggering ingredients!) I’ve reviewed these below – what are your favourites?

Other products (not certified low FODMAP)

Hamburger Rolls
The hamburger buns are making this year’s barbecues so worthwhile! I just love them, they really make the burgers with their light brioche bun, which isn’t too filling either (more room for some piri piri chicken on the side!). Burgers should definitely be about the juicy, meaty taste, and these buns add to the flavour instead of making them dense or heavy. Check out my blog post on having a  Low FODMAP Barbecue for onion & garlic free burger recommendations! As you can see below, I’ve enjoyed these rolls on more than one occasion! They are also lactose / dairy free so ideal for many food intolerances.

I recently went to Tesco having felt I was missing out on their vast range of free from products, and I came across these beauties… I used to love waffles, and these are probably even better than I remember. I tried to counteract the unhealthy side by topping them with fruit, but let’s face it, the more sugar the better. On the left side, I went for a simple strawberry and kiwi topping with golden syrup, while on the right I topped them with Sweet Freedom choc pot and strawberries. Both so naughty but very very nice. Thank you Schar for allowing me to enjoy a good waffle!

Pain au Chocolat
As we near the end of the list, I thought I better mention this find in Morrisons. The pain au chocolat are not entirely low FODMAP (I can’t remember exactly what they contain) however the odd one heated in the oven (from frozen) is worth the risk. Incredibly crispy, flaky and chocolately – everything you’d want from a good pain au chocolat.

If you haven’t tried these buttery, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits yet, then you have seriously been missing out! I have been known to eat a whole packet in one sitting, however you can’t judge me until you’ve tried them. They are so light, it’s easy to accidentally keep on eating them! I purchased these in Sainsburys.

Pizza Margherita (Lactose Free)
I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the Schar lactose-free pizza available in the frozen aisles of supermarkets. This pizza provides a great option for a quick, easy meal, which is safe for those of use on the low FODMAP diet. As per the bases I mentioned earlier, I just add the FODMAP friendly pepperoni I found in Sainsbury’s to make a really crisp pizza.


Choc Chip Buns
Last but not least, these are my go-to travel snack. The choc chip buns are ideal on the go, and easy to pack in your suitcase for a quick breakfast abroad.

I hope you find this review helpful, it’s an honest account of the low FODMAP products which frequently feature in my weekly shop, and hopefully it’ll give you some ideas and suggestions of ways to enjoy their varied range.

What’s your favourite Schar product? Have I missed out any that you love? Leave a comment below…

Alice x

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